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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Early Release for Dressed for Success!

Exciting news, darlings... Dressed for Success is going to be released in July through Resplendence Publishing.  I'll post the exact release date and book cover art as soon as I have it.  Dressed for Success is a fun, SMOKIN' HOT, sexy read.  I hope you'll love the curvy, quirky, sassy heroine and the gorgeous hero as much as I do! 

This book is adults-only fun!

Curl up with an erotic romance tonight!

xoxo ~Gabrielle

For as long as she can remember, Franny Campbell has been chided for her daydreaming.  She always preferred to call it "creativity" and has turned her personality quirk into a successful career as a set- and costume-designer for stage productions and daytime television.  Fantasies collide with reality when Franny is enlisted by her handsome upstairs neighbor, former pro-football player Jesse Williams, to stage his loft and make over his clothing style in preparation for a magazine interview that could launch his business. Franny fantasizes about the big blonde as a Norse viking, a stagecoach bandit, and a Scottish lord - even as in real life the pair are exploring their growing mutual attraction.  Will Franny ever find out if real-life Jesse measures up to his fantasy counterpart?  Or, will their budding affair be cut short by one of the beautiful women that pursue him?

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