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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing about Sex… Keeping the Magic Alive

Depending on which writer you ask, bringing a book from concept to completion can take weeks, or months or years. Some methodically outline each beat, others plunge in at “Once Upon a Time” and eventually wind up at “Happily Ever After”. I fall somewhere to the left of center on both counts; it takes me a couple of months to write a book and I sketch out a rough (very rough, really) course before I type the first word.
I love writing the first draft. It’s like a new romantic relationship – all flowers and butterflies and spontaneity. I learn something new about my characters every day and we go on thrilling adventures on the spur of the moment. Once we get to our destination, we know each other pretty well and we can sit calmly and reminisce. The beauty of this relationship is we get to rewrite history until it’s entertaining and everything makes sense. We enter the first round of editing:
“Remember when you said that thing to that person?” I’ll ask my character. “Why did you say that? That isn’t like you at all!” highlight>revise
“And that time when you did that thing? That was really boring and completely irrelevant.” highlight>right click>cut
“Oh, and, nothing personal, but it would have been so romantic/funny/sexy if you’d only…” insert romantic/funny/sexy dialogue/action/scene
Once I’ve got my story on the straight and narrow, I run it by an objective observer. It’s kind of like chatting about guys over wine with girlfriends, only an editor will always tell you if the guy is a jerk, or boring or irrelevant. And, they’re usually right.
The funny thing is, if it really was meant to be, this review – and re-review – can be wonderful, like going through a scrapbook and weeding out all the extraneous crap until it’s distilled down to the best snapshots of the most memorable moments. This part of the relationship takes much longer than the honeymoon phase.
But the honeymoon doesn’t have to be, shouldn’t be, over! Without exception, getting a book ready for publication has been a joy – tough yes – but a joy all the same. My love for my characters deepens with every read-through.
Of course, we’re talking about erotic romance here, which adds another dimension to the process. I have to take an honest look at the story and ask, “After all this time together, is the sex still good?” When I’m poring over my manuscript - methodically checking for continuity and punctuation – I expect to be turned on. I don’t care if I’ve read an erotic scene a dozen times, I still want the butterflies and goose bumps and weak knees and world-rocking climax. I want it to feel like the first time, every time.
I hope that when you read my books you fall in love with my characters and that they’ll rock your world. Think of me as your virtual matchmaker. Today I’d like to set you up with hot, sexy ex-pro football player Jesse Williams. He lives upstairs from set- and costume-designer Franny Campbell. Franny has a very active imagination and Jesse has starred in some of her most erotic daydreams. Franny has imagined Jesse as a barbaric Viking warrior, a mischievous stagecoach bandit and a brooding Scottish lord. Check out how hot daydream Jesse can be, and find out if Franny will ever learn if real-life Jesse can live up to his fantasy counterparts in Dressed for Success, out today from Resplendence Publishing.
Sweet Daydreams, Darlings!
xoxo ~Gabrielle

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