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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little to the Left – The Logistics of Writing a Sex Scene

People always want to know, “How do you come up with this stuff?” Coming up with the “stuff” that sex scenes are made of is the easy part. Making sure that the mechanics are feasible is another thing altogether. It’s kind of like putting together a bookshelf from IKEA. If Tab A is in Slot B, you’d better make damned sure that Tab C will still be able to reach Slot D.
Unfortunately, sex scenes don’t come with an illustrated assembly booklet. I rely on trial and error – and a willing research assistant. My husband and I had been working out logistics for many, many years before I became an erotic romance writer, so he doesn’t even blink when I ask him to put down the newspaper for a minute so I can make sure that my fantasy concepts of the joining of Tabs and Slots are achievable.
While writing “Dressed for Success” I made him pause SportsCenter so I could work out the prelude to the final sex scene. It went something like this:
 “Okay, so I’m Franny and you’re Jesse. If I’m closing the loft door with one hand here and the other hand here, see if you can stand behind me, slide your hands – no, start at my shoulders – right – now slide your hands down until they’re covering mine. Good. Now grab my wrists and cross them in front of me…”
A couple more directives later and I had the choreography worked out. He went back to ESPN and I went back to my laptop. It took less than two minutes, but it was absolutely necessary. Without that reenactment, I couldn’t have written this:
Before she turned around, Franny smelled Jesse’s clean, soapy scent. She paused with one hand on the oversized handle and the other flattened at eye level on the worn, wood door. She felt Jesse’s presence before he touched her. She closed her eyes.
He placed his big, warm hands on her shoulders then smoothly slid them down until they covered hers. Franny’s heart thundered, and she was immobilized. He guided her hands outward until her arms were straight out at shoulder level and her right cheek was pressed against the cool wood. He pressed his chest against her shoulders and lowered his head until his stubble-roughened cheek touched the side of her face. He drew back until his mouth was at her ear. His breath quickened, and the lusty cadence thrilled her.
“I want you, Franny,” he whispered in her ear.
The insistent growl in his voice caused her skin to goose bump and her pussy to pulse and grow instantly wet.
“Jesse,” she whispered, shocked by the weakness in her voice.
He laced his long, thick fingers between hers and drew her arms down to her sides then crossed them in front of her, just above her navel. He pulled her body against his and took a step backward. She couldn’t help but follow. His right hand released hers and roamed up to her breasts. He caught up her crossed wrists in his left hand, and she gratefully surrendered to his masculine will. His tongue slid out and curled around her earlobe. He sucked it into his mouth and drew it slowly between the gentle graze of his teeth.
She moaned and let herself fall back into him.
He kissed her cheek, her jaw, the side of her neck, and between each press of his lips, he whispered her name…
I’m working on my fifth book and I’m grateful to have a willing helper. My husband is patient to a fault and always drops whatever he’s doing to offer up his body for the greater good of erotic romance.
It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
Happy Research, Darlings!
~ Gabrielle
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