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Sunday, September 9, 2012

5-Crown Review for "Dressed for Success"

Thanks to Beth and the other fine folks at The Reader's Roundtable for the 5-Crown Review for Dressed for Success!

Franny has been fantasizing about Jesse since she first saw him when he moved in upstairs. He’s an ex pro-football player and he’s got muscles on top of muscles that she can’t ignore. That doesn’t stop her from daydreaming about him in some too-hot-to-handle scenes that keep getting interrupted before she can finish. Jesse has been doing some fantasizing of his own, but Franny doesn’t know it yet. Maybe he can relive some of those fantasies in the flesh now that he’s finally getting close to Franny.

Dressed for Success is a fun, sexy, quick read that’s got a comical plot and adorable characters. I was burning up and laughing like crazy throughout this book and it was a really great combination. The descriptive detail made everything so easy to picture in my mind, it was like being right there.

I got a kick out of all the supporting characters that always poked daggers of jealousy into Franny. She always wanted Jesse, even before she actually had him and it had to be a bit overwhelming when Jesse had all these gorgeous women surrounding him at any given time. Dressed for Success is a perfect, sensual, fun afternoon read you’ll be thrilled with!
"Dressed for Success" available now from Resplendence Publishing!

xoxo ~Gabrielle