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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Dream analysis is a hobby of mine. I believe that dreams are the data-dump of the day’s events. In sleep we shut down our rigid mental force fields and all the information we took in while awake rushes through unfiltered. Seemingly disjointed images and actions and snippets of conversation swirl around before forming a weird, colorful conga line that plays out on the movie screen of our subconscious. I love replaying these odd little films and trying to decipher what the director (namely, me) was trying to convey.
I’m currently focused on wrapping up my sixth book and the frenetic creative atmosphere by day has made for some particularly vivid dreams by night. The other night I dreamed about stray dogs and driving blind. In my dream, I was rushing to an appointment – feeling unprepared and worried about being late. I said goodbye to my real-life dogs – Maggie & Riley – then made my way to the car.  On the front porch was a sweet yellow mutt. He was wet and I somehow knew that he was cold and hungry. I brought him inside, dried him off and gave him something to eat. I was rewarded with unconditional doggie love. When I tried to leave again, a second stray dog – this time a spotted hound - showed up on my doorstep. I gave him the same hospitable treatment and received the same gratitude in return. Dream-Maggie and Dream-Riley graciously welcomed the new family members without so much as a WOOF! When I was finally able to leave my new menagerie, it was in a convertible with the top down. It was nighttime and I couldn’t get the headlights to work, but I still chose to drive on by the light of the moon and stars.
My initial assessment of my overnight movie was that it was a cautionary tale about my current Work In Progress. I thought my subconscious must be warning me to stop letting in stray ideas and focus on the road ahead. The stray dogs represented unwelcomed plot changes – interlopers that kept trying to insinuate themselves into my established story structure. Driving without headlights represented my lack of a clear vision for the book.
I’ve since amended my analysis. I realized that in the dream, the strays were friendly and loving and easily merged into the existing pack. And, though I drove without headlights, the moon and stars lit the way. Because I was driving with the top down, I was treated to a cool breeze. Maybe the dream wasn’t about the importance of rigid focus at all. Perhaps my subconscious was telling me that unexpected ideas can improve a predictable storyline and that being open to seeing things in a different light will make the journey more magical.
There is, of course, no definitive answer to the meaning of that – or any – dream. The value in dream analysis is simply as an exercise to open yourself up to possibilities that by day are cloaked in common sense.
Sweet Dreams Darlings!
xoxo ~Gabrielle

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