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Monday, November 26, 2012

Excerpt Alert! Soldier of Love

Happy Monday Darlings!

It's no secret that I'm so excited for the release of "Soldier of Love," Book One in my new paranormal erotic romance series GHOST ENCOUNTERS. General release is December 3rd, but Total-e-Bound VIP members can buy their copy now just by signing up for the Total-e-Bound newsletter. 

I thought I'd give you a little taste with an excerpt from the menage a trois scene... 


xoxo ~Gabrielle

… Toni realised that only she could see the ghost. She felt no fear. She somehow knew that John Buckman meant her no harm. She stole a glance at Thomas and saw only intoxicated bliss on his face. The soldier strode from across the room and stopped in front of them. He removed his hat and flung it on the wingchair near the bedroom window. The hat passed through the seat and disappeared into the shadows beneath.
John Buckman fixed his stare on Toni and never wavered as he began undressing. He let his weapons drop to the floor. He worked open his brass buttons and shrugged free of his shirt. He stood naked to the waist at the foot of the bed. Toni reached out towards his flat belly and expected her hand to pass through him, just as his hat had passed through the wingchair. Instead, she felt flesh so warm and solid, she wondered if a living, breathing stranger had entered her home. John Buckman disabused her of that notion by stepping back and outstretching his hands. Toni had an irresistible urge to take off her clothing. She wriggled out of her robe and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She wore nothing underneath. She ran her hands over her breasts, pausing to roll her nipples between her fingertips. Every movement was slower, more deliberate, but her sense of touch seemed magnified tenfold.
Beside her, Thomas kicked off the last of his clothes. Toni was unashamed as she looked down into his lap. She licked her lips at the sight of his thick cock standing up against his flat belly. She slowly swivelled her head and found John Buckman standing directly in front of her. He was now completely naked and his erect shaft was just inches from her face. Toni slid her hands from her breasts and slowly filled each with hard cock. She leant forward and took John Buckman’s rod into her mouth while stroking Thomas.
Thomas moaned, then asked, “Are you sucking his cock?”
Toni nodded and murmured, “Mm hmm,” through a full mouth.
Thomas moaned again in response while Toni continued to stroke him. John brushed his hand over Toni’s face, then gently pulled out of her mouth. He spoke to her with his eyes and she understood that she was to lie back on the bed. She moved up until her head was on the pillow. Thomas did the same and when he was lying beside her, he rolled up on his side and began to stroke Toni’s body. She watched Thomas’ hand as it slid up the rise of her breast. She bit her lip when his fingertips squeezed and sank into the plump flesh. John Buckman climbed onto the bed between her feet. Thomas turned and Toni thought for a moment that he could see John.
 “I felt the bed move. Is he there?” Thomas asked.
Toni looked down at John and saw a wicked grin tug up the ends of his neat moustache. He bent and began nibbling at her tender thighs. Toni gasped at the prickly rasp of his whiskers against her skin. She propped herself up on her elbows and let her knees fall open. John plunged his face between her legs and ravenously sucked and nibbled at the outer lips. Toni let her head drop back and she cried out.
Thomas didn’t ask any more questions, but covered Toni’s mouth with his and roughly kneaded her breasts even as John Buckman filled her dripping pussy with his frantically probing fingers and tongue. Toni grabbed hold of Thomas’ hair and yanked back his head.
“Suck my tits,” she commanded. The dominance in her own voice heightened her passion.
Thomas moaned as his mouth descended on her breast. He sucked at a nipple and swirled his tongue over the hard nub. John plunged three fingers into her and pulled her clit between his lips.
“Harder! Faster!” Toni demanded.
Both Thomas and John mercilessly worked her most tender places…

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