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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Cover for Ghost Encounters - Book 2

The Ghost Encounters series from bestselling erotic romance author Gabrielle Holly...
Follow reluctant spiritual medium Toni Bianchi as she discovers the extent of her powers over ghosts and men.  Toni’s powerful sexual energy acts as a conduit for wayward spirits and affects the mortals around her.
Her impulsive nature and misguided business sense lead her into a string of odd real estate ventures with one common amenity – each has a resident ghost who needs Toni’s special gift to help find eternal peace through earthly gratification. 
Toni is guided through her adventures by the quirky cast and crew of the hit television ghost-hunting show “Paranormal Research Team”.  Sexy host Thomas Becker hopes that Toni can help him prove that ghosts exist and he’s glad to step in when the paranormal encounters turn erotic.
Will Toni be able to manage her ghost encounters long enough to forge a lasting human connection?

This morning I was thrilled to find the cover art for "A Triple Scoop of I Scream" - Book 2 in the Ghost Encounters series in my inbox. It is another brilliant creation by artist Posh Gosh.

"A Triple Scoop of I Scream" will be out March 2013 from Total-e-Bound.  
Book 1 in the series, "Soldier of Love" will be out December 2012 and is available now for VIP pre-order.

Happy Ghost Hunting, Darlings! xoxo ~Gabrielle

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