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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Big Lebowski White Russian Cocktail

The White Russian Cocktail á la The Dude 
I love "The Big Lebowski." Jeff Bridges plays The Dude with such earnest and I think his line, “Nothing is fucked here,” is a marvelously poetic version of “All is well.” It’s among my favorite movie quotes.
Check out this great moment from the movie then scroll down for my interpretation of The Dude’s signature beverage – the White Russian.

The White Russian – an Homage to The Dude

·         2 parts Good Russian Vodka
·         1 part Coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua)
·         1 part Heavy Cream
TIP: A dear friend of mine put herself through college working as a bartender. She told me that the key to mixing a great drink is using plenty of ice. That’s especially true with this sweet cocktail.
Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Pour in two shots of vodka and one shot each of Kahlua and cream. Stir while repeating three times “The Dude abides.”* Lick the swizzle stick.
*You may substitute the words, “El Duderino,” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

I enjoy a low-carb, alcohol-free version when I’m working. Just fill a tall iced glass with leftover strong coffee (cooled), add heavy whipping cream to taste. Stir in 1 Tablespoon (+/- to taste) of sugar-free Da Vinci Gourmet Kahlua Coffee Liqueur Flavored Syrup.
Enjoy Darlings!
xoxo ~Gabrielle

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