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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Warming the Cockles of My Heart

We've been flirting with winter in the Midwest. One day we're raking leaves in short-sleeved shirts, the next we need hats and gloves. We saw the first snow flurries yesterday and I had to bundle up for my walk this morning. The cold weather and the long weekend created the perfect excuse to pour a cup of Irish coffee. There are plenty of recipes out there for this classic, but this is how I enjoy mine.

Irish Coffee
1 cup strong hot coffee
2 ounces whisky
2-3 teaspoons sugar
1 Tablespoon heavy whipping cream - floated

  Combine coffee, whisky and sugar in a coffee cup. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Float cream on top of coffee by pouring cream into a large tablespoon then gently lowering the spoon just below the surface of the coffee.

Stay warm Darlings!
xoxo ~Gabrielle

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