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Monday, November 5, 2012

"...Will Easily Get You Hot and Bothered"

As I put the finishing touches on my sixth book, I'm so grateful for the continuing support for "Dressed for Success" which was my debut novel from Resplendence Publishing 
Thanks to Beth and the Darlings at The Reader's Roundtable for a great new FIVE STAR review of "Dressed for Success!"

Beth’s Review
When Franny agrees to stage her handsome upstairs neighbor’s loft, she doesn’t realize how her fantasies of Jesse will take over her life. Little does Franny know that Jesse has been having some of his own fantasies ever since he first met her in the elevator.
                What a great way to get a girl… ask for her help using the skills she already knows and get to spend plenty of time with her in the process. The fantasies Franny has add a lot of Spice to Dressed for Success and keep the reader glued to the pages. Even though Franny’s fantasies usually get cut short, it keeps you engrossed from start to finish to see how those fantasies get to come to life later in the story.
                Jesse is an uber-sexy hunk of man who knows just how to treat the women in Dressed for Success, which include his own fantasy woman, Franny, and his female employees. He’s not only respectful, but very caring and I really like how Ms. Holly crafted that part of the story. The fantasies are hot and the actual sex, even hotter. Dressed for Success is a great afternoon read that will easily get you hot and bothered. Don’t miss it!

I like the way reviewer Beth thinks...
Don't miss it, Darlings! xoxo ~Gabrielle
About "Dressed for Success"
For as long as she can remember, Franny Campbell has been chided for her daydreaming. She always preferred to call it "creativity" and has turned her personality quirk into a successful career as a set and costume designer for stage productions and daytime television.
Fantasies collide with reality when Franny is enlisted by her handsome upstairs neighbor, former pro-football player Jesse Williams, to stage his loft and make over his clothing style in preparation for a magazine interview that could launch his fledgling limousine service, Heaven on Wheels. Franny fantasizes about the big blonde as a Norse Viking, a stagecoach bandit, and a Scottish lord, but will she ever find out if the real-life Jesse measures up to his fantasy counterpart?

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