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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hot Toddy, Anyone?

This week’s recipe is all about curiosity. I’ve always wondered about the storied Hot Toddy. Until tonight, I wasn’t even sure what was in one. After some poking around in my mixology books and surfing the Internet, I learned that this seasonal drink has many versions. I wanted to stay close to traditional, but with a tweak or two to suit my taste. That said, I have to admit, Hot Toddies really don’t suit my taste at all. I found the cocktail a bit too medicinal-tasting for my liking. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised – I learned that this concoction is an old-school remedy for sore throats. But, I suspect its “medicinal benefits” have more to do with wanting an excuse to imbibe on a cold winter’s eve.

The Hot Toddy
1 cup strong tea
1 Tablespoon (+/-) honey
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 ounce alcohol (whiskey, rum, or brandy)
Lemon for garnish
Cinnamon stick for garnish
Cloves (optional)
·         Prepare a strong cup of tea.
·         While tea is steeping, add honey, lemon juice and alcohol into a footed mug and stir.
·         If desired, drop three whole cloves into mug (or a tiny sprinkle of ground cloves)
·         Stir in tea, garnish with lemon (wedge or curl) and cinnamon stick.
·         Serve hot
My husband and I experimented with a couple of variations on the theme:
·         We tried it with spiced rum and with Canadian whisky. My husband preferred the rum, I the whisky.
·         We tried the drink with and without the cloves and both agreed that the cloves were just too much and better left to the pumpkin pie filling.
·         He felt a Tablespoon of honey was too sweet – I thought it was just about right.
·         We both agreed that a full Tablespoon of lemon juice is a too much. It really did make the drink taste like a cough drop.
Overall, I’m glad I tried the Hot Toddy – if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity. However, the next time I’m in the mood for a hot cocktail, I’ll opt for my old standby – The Irish Coffee.
Hugs Darlings!
~~~ Gabrielle

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