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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The CranTini Cocktail

Hello Darlings!
This week’s cocktail is the CranTini ~ a Yuletide twist on the martini. I adore cranberry juice cocktail as a mixer and this is such a pretty and festive drink, I just had to give it a spin.
And now, in the interest of full disclosure: I am not a fan of vermouth. I tweaked and tasted and tweaked some more and the version that’s most palatable for me has almost no vermouth… okay, that’s an overstatement. It had absolutely no vermouth. My husband liked the vermouth’ed version just fine.
My version also doubles the amount of orange liqueur and cranberry juice cocktail found in most recipes. I know, I know… it’s sounding less and less like a martini, but if I’m not sipping my standby Windsor & Diet Coke, I like my cocktails smooth and easy to drink. Traditionalists - feel free to keep the vermouth and reduce the measures of orange liqueur and cranberry juice cocktail by half ~ you won’t hurt my feelings.

The Cranberry Martini
·         1.5 ounces vodka (I used Stoli)
·         1 ounce orange liqueur (I used Grand Marnier)
·         0.5 ounce dry vermouth (OR NOT, but if you want to… I used Martini & Rossi)
·         4.5 - 6 ounces cranberry juice cocktail (I used Ocean Spray)
·         1 Cup ice
·         Whole Cranberries & Orange Slice for garnish (optional)
1.     Combine vodka, orange liqueur, vermouth, cranberry juice and ice in a cocktail shaker then shake vigorously to chill. Alternative Mixing Procedure: I opted for the anti-007 stirred method.
2.     Pour into martini glasses and serve.
3.     If desired, garnish with a whole cranberries and an orange slice. (Highly recommended, just for prettiness).
Serves two-ish.

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