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Monday, February 4, 2013

An Erotic-Romance Author Walks Into a Candy Shop...

An erotic-romance author walks into a candy store and says to the clerk, “I’m doing research for a bondage scene. I’ll take all the licorice laces you have.”
There’s no punch line, that’s really what happened last summer when I was writing “A Triple Scoop of I Scream,” Book 2 in my paranormal erotic romance series Ghost Encounters.
I loved writing “Triple Scoop” and felt so connected to the characters – living and dead. Check out my post from last July on how my ghost characters “told” me their names.

You’ve probably guessed from the titles in this series that the Ghost Encounters books include a touch of humor. “A Triple Scoop of I Scream” also has a LOT of heat. That scene with the licorice laces… there’s also whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a smokin’ hot ménage a trois involved.
“A Triple Scoop of I Scream,” will officially release in March, but it’s available now for pre-order and Total-e-Bound VIP members can get it TODAY plus receive a 10% discount!

A reluctant spiritual medium, a sexy TV ghost hunter and a handsome telepath create a love triangle so hot even the dead can’t ignore it.
Newly-single and without a job or a place to call home, spiritual medium Toni Bianchi finds herself the owner of a rundown ice cream parlor in an historic Wisconsin river town. The shop is haunted by the ghosts of two lovers who can’t rest until their tragic mystery is unraveled.
While Toni looks for answers and works to get the shop up and running, she finds herself drawn to her handsome neighbor, book store owner Liam Greco. Toni soon learns that Liam has a psychic secret of his own.
When the hauntings get physical, Toni enlists the help of the ghost hunters from TV’s “Paranormal Research Team” and reunites with the show’s sexy star Thomas Becker. Passion and physic energy surge when Toni, Thomas and Liam engage in a decadently delicious ménage that helps the dead cross over and leaves the living craving more.
About the “Ghost Encounters” Series
Follow reluctant spiritual medium Toni Bianchi as she discovers the extent of her powers over ghosts and men.  Toni’s powerful sexual energy acts as a conduit for wayward spirits and affects the mortals around her.
Her impulsive nature and misguided business sense lead her into a string of odd real estate ventures with one common amenity – each has a resident ghost who needs Toni’s special gift to help find eternal peace through earthly gratification. 
Toni is guided through her adventures by the quirky cast and crew of the hit television ghost-hunting show “Paranormal Research Team.”  Sexy host Thomas Becker hopes that Toni can help him prove that ghosts exist and he’s glad to step in when the paranormal encounters turn erotic.
Will Toni be able to manage her ghost encounters long enough to forge a lasting human connection?

xoxo ~Gabrielle
Mark your calendars for February 25th when my pal, author Jen Wright stops by to guest blog!

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