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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day - Everybody Panic!

Valentine’s Day is looming, the menfolk are panicking and advertisers are taking full advantage of that anxiety. They’re telling the guys to remain calm, everything will be fine if you just plunk down some dough on a tear-jerking greeting card, a Kentucky-Derby-sized spray of blooms, or a sparkly little bauble. They’re playing on the male problem-solving hardwiring – Throw Money At The Problem and When In Doubt, Get the Biggest Version Available.
This morning I saw a TV spot for a GIANOURMOUS teddy bear – just $99 for 4.5 feet of stuffing-filled, guaranteed aphrodisiac. If you really, really love her, you can get the six-foot version for another hundred bucks. I conducted a brief, unscientific survey of my girlfriends and the results were unanimous… a resounding NO! to giant teddy bears.
So what’s a guy to do? Should he opt for something practical like slippers, a gas-station gift card, or a small kitchen appliance? I wouldn’t recommend it. How about just forgetting the whole business and treating February 14th like any other day? Not if you want to get laid, Buddy.
I’m here to help gentlemen. Here’s a thoughtful, cost-effective, fool-proof way to get everyone naked:
·        Prepare dinner for her (IMPORTANT: Do NOT send her to the grocery store with the ingredients list. Do the shopping yourself).
·        Clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes.
·        As you’re filling the sink with sudsy water, invite your lady love to take some uninterrupted time for herself. Recommend she enjoy a long soak in a hot bubble bath while you tidy up.
·        AND (now this is the clincher):  Suggest she relax in the tub with a brand new book on her Kindle/Nook/eReader (Make sure she has one of those new-fangled waterproof covers).
“But, Gabrielle,” you say, “There are so many great books out there. How do I choose?”
Take a deep breath, Big Boy. Here are some hot reads that are sure to get her wheels turning and her romantic juices flowing:
If historical romances are her thing, check out "Delivering Kadlin." It’s a great love story with a little light bondage and some smokin’ hot spanking scenes.

If Paranormal Erotic Romance is more her style, my Ghost Encounters series might be just the ticket. Books 1 and 2 are available now! Btw, to celebrate the release of Book 2 “A Triple Scoop of I Scream”, Book 1 “Soldier of Love” is available for a short time at just 99-cents on Amazon!  Both books feature scenes of ménage a trois and “Triple Scoop” has a little light bondage and some deliciously naughty food play.

If she’s in the mood for a romantic comedy "Dressed for Success" and "Mr. Fix It" have a little humor and A LOT of heat.

Oh, gentlemen, the choices are as varied as her tastes. But the goal is the same. Here's hoping you get all of your Valentines wishes. You can check out ADULTS ONLY excerpts and find Purchase Links (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, All Romance eBooks, Total-e-Bound, and Resplendence Publishing) for all of my books on my website 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Darlings!
xoxo~ Gabrielle 

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