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Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome Guest Author Jennifer Wright!

I'm so thrilled to have my pal, the lovely and talented author Jennifer Wright, guest blogging today and I know you will be too! Jen is offering a hot excerpt from her male/male erotic romance "Morvea," Book 2 in the Finding Home series.

And now, Darlings - let's welcome Jen!

Giving It A Name by Jennifer Wright

Choosing titles has come fairly easy for me so far, but picking titles for my Finding Home Series has proven to be quite a challenge.

Pavarus, book one of the Finding Home Series, was actually not the first title I had given it. The first title had been Finding Home. The story is about a man traveling to another world, and then his journey finding his way back home. Though my sister felt otherwise, I loved the title, and actually put up a fuss when she recommended I change it. She’s said, “No offense, but it’s not all that original. You need it to be special. You need it to catch a person’s eye.” It was then that she offered the idea of calling the book Pavarus. For those of you who don’t know, Pavarus is the name of the world the vampires and dragons live in. Well, seven out of seven people voted for her idea when I had done a little test. So, I finally caved.

I was bummed, I’ll admit it. But that quickly turned around when I had been filling out a form for my publisher and was asked to give the name of the series. I could have smacked myself for not remembering to do that, but was excited as ever that I finally got to use my original title. Finding Home fit perfectly, because, one way or another, every book tells the story of a man finding his way home.

So, Pavarus became the title for book one of the series, but the titles since then have been even more challenging. Pavarus is a unique name, so every book for the rest of the series needed a name just as unique. Again, my sister suggested I just use the made up words in my books. It was easier said than done.

Morvea had gone untitled for only a month or so, until a last minute addition gave me what I needed. In the book, ‘morvea’ is mage for ‘mover’ – which plays a very important part in the story – so it only seemed fitting.

Unfortunately, though, it has taken me – I kid you not – 9 months to come up with the title for the third book, Airos. Airos means…well, I’m not going to tell you. :-) If I did, I’d be giving away a very important twist to the story.

There are two more books after Airos, and I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m going to name them. Like I said above, choosing a title has been fairly easy for me, except for the ones is this series. This series is seriously kicking my butt. It’s funny, really, because when I first started writing these books I thought it’d be easy because I’d get to make everything up and not have to do any research. Ha! Was I ever wrong.

Overall, I’ve come to realize that naming a book is a very important step. The picture on the cover can go a long way to gaining a reader’s attention, but the title plays just as big a part.

Thank you, Gabrielle, for letting me jabber on your blog!
And readers, be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of the post!

Now, here’s a little taste of Morvea. Enjoy!

Book blurb:

Keddrick has denied claiming his mate for four years, separating them by worlds just to keep the man he loves safe…from him. Can he resist temptation when his love lands on his doorstep in need of help?
Eli has lusted after Keddrick from the moment the vampire stepped through the portal and into Earth. He had desperately wanted to follow along when Keddrick returned to Pavarus, but it wasn’t allowed—not to mention that Eli was under the impression that Keddrick was straight. Four years later his wish has come true, but not in the way he wanted. Barely escaping death by the hands of Wayland, head of the human council on Earth, Eli flees to Pavarus in search of help. The line of events that gets him there releases a hidden secret deep inside him he never knew existed, and will soon change his life forever.
Keddrick’s restraint towards Eli is being seriously tested, and every day Eli stays with him at the coven, it gets harder. He wants to keep his distance, but at the same time he wants to do everything he can to please Eli. As time goes on, he feels his resolve slowly crumble, his love for the man too strong to ignore. When Keddrick finds out about Wayland’s threat on his and Eli’s lives, he is determined to stop the madman anyway he can, even if that means going against Eli’s pleas for him not to.
Through blood and tears, years of love and moments of betrayal, can these two men find their way through the hardships and into a life of happiness in each other’s arms?


Rick wasted no time stopping a car. He moved in front of a vehicle, pointed his gun at the driver, and yelled, “Get out!”

The driver sat in shock as Rick came around and opened the driver side door and pulled the guy from his car. Rick quickly hopped in and hit the brakes before the car could roll away, screaming for Eli to get in.

On autopilot, Eli jumped in and slammed the car door closed. The tyres squealed as they took off. He heard more gunshots and ducked as the rear window shattered. Rick cursed and ordered Eli to keep his head down.

Eli began to get car sick as Rick whipped the vehicle around corners at an unreal speed, weaving through traffic. “Where are we going?” he asked.

Rick shot him a quick glance. “There’s only one place we can go.”

Eli nodded in agreement. He knew, as well as Rick, that they could never hide from the human council.

Not as long as they were still on Earth.

Eli risked a look out of the back window. “I don’t see anyone following us anymore.”

A cocky grin broke out over his friend’s face. “That’s because nobody can drive as good as me.” His face sobered. “But I have no doubt that they know where we’re going. We can only hope that we’ll get there first.” He shot another quick glance at Eli. “You do have your cross with you, right?”

Eli nodded. “Yeah, of course I do.” He always did. Keddrick may have given him the necklace as a means to hide the piloats chip, but Eli still cherished it like it was a personal gift. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t wear it. It had come from Keddrick—he would never take it off.

Rick slammed on the brakes and the car came to a sudden halt. “We’re here,” he said as he looked into the rear-view mirror. “And we’ve got company. Come on, hurry!”

They both hurried out of the car and the deafening shots started immediately. Eli was in the mouth of the alley when he heard a painful grunt from Rick. He spun around just in time to see a second bullet pierce Rick’s chest. His friend dropped to his knees.


Eli froze.

“Run, damn it!”

But he couldn’t leave Rick.

As he took his first step towards his friend he stumbled, a sudden sickening feeling in his gut making him lose his balance.

“No!” He watched as Rick raised his gun and fired back at the enemy.

Eli swallowed hard and looked down at his stomach, at the deep red blossoming over his dress shirt. He staggered back, slowly tripping his way backwards down the alley. Clutching his stomach, tears blurred his vision as he looked back to Rick, who lay face down on the sidewalk.

His friends—his brothers—were gone.

And it was all his fault.

Sudden urgency floored him as he realised he was next if he didn’t move.

Hand shaking, he managed to pull out the little cross from beneath his shirt. Turning it so that the back faced outwards, he saw the little chip begin to glow. A ripple formed in the air before him, ever so slight—if he didn’t know what to look for he would have never seen it.

This was going to suck. Going through a partially opened portal was extremely painful, and he was already hurting enough.

The sound of boots pounding against pavement had Eli turning around. At the end of the alley a man came to a stop. The look on his face was feral as he raised his gun and took aim at Eli.

Without thinking, Eli lifted his hand towards the man. A vibration spread throughout his fingertips, the tingling sensation making his fingers twitch. Eli watched as the guy went flying backwards into the street, as if he’d been hit by a battering ram. The moment he hit the asphalt a car slammed into him, running him over.

Eli’s eyes widened as shock and fear and so many other damn emotions flooded through him.

What have I done?

He dropped his hand back down to clutch his screaming gut as he stumbled backwards and through the portal.

A falling sensation overwhelmed him, but nothing compared to the pain that surged through his body. His bones felt like they were being crushed. His body contorted, threatening to break in half. Every muscle screamed as if he was being burned alive. His heart pounded beneath his ribcage, his breath hitching in quick, short gasps. A hum sounded in his ears, growing louder and louder until it was piercing, making him scream.

Then it all went dark.

Morvea: Finding Home Series book 2 is up for pre-release at a 10% discount at Total-E-Bound.

Author bio:

I was born in Arizona, but have spent the better part of my life in Wisconsin.  While I enjoy living close to my family, my heart longs to live in the South – or anywhere where the winters are warmer, and I hope to someday get there.  I love writing, and try to dedicate as much of my free time to it (ha! what free time?).  If I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving boyfriend debating on what movie to watch and the never ending back and forth decision of what we should have for dinner.  I love spending time with my family and boyfriend, cuddling with my two cats, and laughing as much as possible (cuz I like to think I'm funny :-D).

You can find me at:
Amazon author page – http://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Wright/e/B00A2I2F80/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

I am giving away an e-copy of Morvea to one lucky person - all you have to do is leave a comment telling me of a unique book title you've seen, or one that just really caught your eye, and you'll be entered into the drawing. Be sure to leave your email address in the body of the comment so I know where to send the book to. ;)
I will be drawing a winner on Wednesday the 27th using random.org.

I'll start it off with Kresley Cole's Kiss Of A Demon King. I don't know what it is about that title, but the second I saw it I just had to know what the book was about. :)


  1. Thank you, Gabrielle, for having me today!
    I hope to learn of many awesome titles today - maybe resulting in some good reads to add to my TBR list. ;)


  2. I love titles that make me want to learn more about the book. There are a couple of new releases over at Total-e-Bound that caught my eye: "The Case of the Cupid Curse" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." It occured to me after reading your post that, for an author, choosing a title is kind of like picking a name for a baby. Thanks for offering a chance to win a copy of your latest bundle of joy, "Morvea"!

  3. I love the way you still got to use your original name for Pavarus as the Finding Home Series title. It was meant to be, Jen.
    Congratulations and continued success with the series.

    There are some cool titles at TEB, Gabrielle. The title that caught my eye was Ninja Cupcakes by T.A. Chase. Classic!

    1. "Ninja Cupcakes" - fantastic! My mind is conjuring up what it "could be" about. Now I'll have to add it to my TBR list! It will go after your new release, the wonderfully-titled, "Lost Time" http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=2002

    2. Thanks, HK! I was definitely over-ecstatic that I got to use the name! :)
      Ninja Cupcakes!? Oh, I really gotta check that one out.


  4. I love this title: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart. But my favorite is: Homo Action Love Story: a Tall Tale! You really have to have some stones to give your book THAT title. And both of these were as unique, excellent and quirky as their titles. I can't wait to start the Finding Home series, thank you!

    1. Thanks, Urb! :)
      And I've heard about Homo Action Love Story - it's really getting some good ratings.


  5. "Perking the Pansies" is one of my favorites, it's such a humorous title. I don't know how the author came up with it.

    I like your book titles, very unique.


    1. Thank you, Penumbra!
      Perking the Pansies does sound like an enticing title. :D


  6. Sometimes it feels like writing the book is the easy part. I'm hopless with book titles. I love yours Jen.

    I really need to read Morvea ASAP - especially after that excerpt. I need to know what happens next...

    1. Thanks, Donna. I think your titles are pretty great, too- He-Man, come on now, that's eye-catching for sure!
      I really hope you enjoy Morvea. :)


  7. Hi, Jen,

    I have a terrible time with titles. And unlike you, I can't really make any progress with writing until I do have a title. In fact, some of my best work has started life as nothing but a title.

    Of course, with the Finding Home series you have a particular challenge since you have to use words you've constructed. On the other hand, that will definitely make them more memorable.

    Can't wait to hear more about Airos.

    1. I don't usually struggle so hard with titles, but, like you, I do sometimes have a hard time writing a book without a name. I refuse to list my books as 'Untitled' in my computer, though, so I usually dub them with the name of one of the main characters until I think of a title. Like Morvea was actually 'Keddrick' for the first quarter of the book.

      Airos actually went from 'Zane' to 'Aersos'-which never sat right with me- then finally to 'Airos'.

      I am really hoping that the titles will be memorable, but I'm also nervous that since there not common/real words, that people won't remember them.
      "Oh, what's that book I saw the other day? Mor... uh... Mor... I could swear that it was Mor-something."
      But those are chances I'm willing to take. :)


  8. Loved the post! It was very interesting to see where the names of the books and the title of the series came from. Aha! I always thought titles would be hard to come by for an author. because as you said, it has to be unique enough to catch people's attention, yet still fit the story it involves. I really like that you decided to listen to your sister. It was very smart. ;) LOL...
    Already looking forward to reading the next. :D


  9. Well, I must admit, your titles have been some of the uniquest so far. My favorite titles are ones in foreign languages. I love when my favorite books get translated into other languages and I then go and check out what the title is in that language. It makes them seem so much more exotic and romantic. I'm a bit weird like that. Anyways, I'm so glad Morvea's finally out, I've been waiting for it! Can't wait for books 3-5!


    1. Thanks, Emily!
      I'm writing book 3 as fast as my muse allows me. :)


  10. And the winner is...............Penumbra! Congratulations!
    I'll be emailing you shortly about your prize.

    A big thank you to all who left a comment. It was fun learning of all those unique titles. :)

    Thanks again, Gabrielle, for having me as a guest!


    1. Congratulations Penumbra! I know you'll enjoy the book.

      Thanks for hanging out with us, Jen! Stop by any time... just bring cocktails!

      xoxo ~Gabrielle