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Monday, July 1, 2013

Real Characters – Getting to Know Toni Bianchi

Hello Darlings!
Welcome to a new feature on the blog “Real Characters” - in which I’ll ‘interview’ the weird and wonderful people who populate my books.
Today, we’ll be chatting with psychic medium, Toni Bianchi, the wise-cracking heroine of my paranormal romance series, Ghost Encounters.
Gabrielle:  Welcome, Toni. Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit.
Toni:  Like I had a choice. *winks*
Gabrielle:  Point taken. But, since you’re here, let’s find out what makes you tick. In Book 1, “Soldier of Love,” you seemed surprised to learn of your psychic abilities. Was your encounter with ghost John Buckman really the first inkling that you had a ‘sixth sense’?
Toni:  There have been little things, like thinking of someone and having them phone me a second later, or having strong emotional reactions to places and objects that are connected with someone who’s passed over, but nothing like what I experienced at the Buckman Inn.
Gabrielle: Care to elaborate?
Toni: *smirks* We had sex – okay?
Gabrielle:  And…
Toni:  *rolls her eyes* Annnnnd – a three-way with hot television ghost-hunter, Thomas Becker.
Gabrielle:  In fact Toni, isn’t it your sexual energy that allows you to communicate with spirits and help them find peace?
Toni:  *shrugs* Looks that way. Mike Briggs – he was a guest at the Inn and later became a member of The Paranormal Research Team – explains it like this, “See, we all have different energies—kind of like radio stations all have different signals, so when you turn the dial you can get country music or rock ‘n’ roll, classical or whatever… when you turn Toni’s dial, all you get is pure sex.”
Gabrielle:  Right. He said that when he was explaining your unique… talents… to Liam Greco (in Book 2, “A Triple Scoop of I Scream”). I believe Liam participated in yet another of your ménage a trois experiences. It was in the haunted ice cream parlor. Correct?
Toni: *sighs* Mm hm. That was quite a night. Me, Thomas, Liam and some chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a little supernatural energy…
Gabrielle:  And, if memory serves, a very creative use of licorice laces.
Toni:  *laughs* Who knew you could use licorice for bondage?
Gabrielle:  Apparently, Thomas did. *winks* He’s quite resourceful. And Liam is an interesting character. Like you, he has a powerful psychic gift.
Toni:  More like a powerful pain in the ass if you ask me.
Gabrielle:  Now, now, Toni. As you well know, psychic abilities choose us, not the other way around. Just look at all the unique experiences you’ve had because you can communicate with spirits! Your latest adventure (Book 3, “Stage Fright”) takes place in an old, abandoned movie house haunted by a resentful ghost. Tell us about Kip Monroe.
Toni:  Kip died in the mid-1950s. There was a fire in the theater and Kip didn’t make it out. In life he was a bit of a trouble maker. He was a petty criminal – a greaser – so it was easy to pin the arson on him.
Gabrielle:  But you didn’t believe he did it?
Toni:  There’s a lot more to the story and I promised Kip that I’d do whatever it took to uncover the truth.
Gabrielle:  Did that promise have something to do with your, uh, intimate encounters with him?
Toni:  Well, it didn’t hurt. *laughs* Kip made me feel things I couldn’t have imagined before.
Gabrielle:  Such as?
Toni:  Such as the sensation of countless mouths and hands and… well, you get the picture. It was amazing… complete sensory overload. I was certain that there were other entities in the room with us, but he assured me it was all him. He told me, “There are no rules on this side, sweetheart.” I had no idea that kind of thing was possible.
Gabrielle:  See, you learn something new every day… or night, as it were. You also learn some pretty shocking things about Thomas and Mike in “Stage Fright”.
Toni:  Yep. It turns out all of the men in my life – both living and undead – are just full of surprises!
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