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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghost Encounters Series named a MUST READ by Paranormal Romance Junkies

Simi from the Paranormal Romance Junkies team just completed her review of the three-part Ghost encounters series. Here's what she had to say:

     "Is there an 'Adopt A Ghost' store anywhere? After reading this trilogy, I seriously think there should be! These stories have a way of jumping off the page and grabbing your attention from the start.
      You first meet our unlikely heroine, Toni, in Solider of Love. She's a burnt out career woman with a dead beat boyfriend, looking for a change of pace. She wasn't quite expecting that change to come in the form of a haunted inn or finding out she's a spiritual medium! Enter sexy paranormal investigator, Thomas Becker. When these two get together, the sparks fly! Add in the ghost of civil war solider, John Beckman, with the unnerving habit of copping a feel and that spark becomes explosive! It'll leave you asking for more...
      And more is what you get! Toni and Thomas' story continues in A Triple Scoop of I Scream when Toni buys an ice cream parlor haunted by lovers, Vinnie and Daisy. Things start heating up when Toni and Thomas meet psychic, Liam Greco, and this duo becomes one hell of a love triangle.
      Unfortunately, in Stage Fright, the trio is soon on the rocks! Jealousy and insecurities push Toni to strike out alone to investigate a theater haunted by the ghost of bad boy 'Kip'. After a heated encounter with Kip, Toni sets out on a mission to prove he isn't the criminal history makes him out to be. In the process, Toni learns what's important and what it is she can't live without!
      All in all, this series is amazing. It's very thoughtfully written with enough heat to leave you blushing! I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5.0 only because I'm greedy and wish the stories were longer!! Definitely a must read for paranormal romance lovers!


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