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Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Personal With Author Cait Jarrod

This week we’re Getting Personal with Author Cait Jarrod. Cait stopped by to talk about the writing life and share an excerpt from her romantic suspense novel “Kidnapped Hearts”.

Cait also has a new interactive short story on her website. Find the link at the end of the interview!

About Cait Jarrod 
Cait lives in Virginia with her husband and three daughters. Toward the end of the journey of fulfilling her goal of homeschooling her girls, she fell upon a new passion – writing. Four years after she wrote her first rough draft, her first book was published.

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And now, let’s get personal with author Cait Jarrod.

What are you working on now?
I have several projects. Recently, I completed Second Changes, a romantic suspense story about a widow who lost her husband in a line of duty. At least, the police report says so. Events transpire, putting Emma’s life in danger. Ryan, her childhood friend, learns that the person who killed Emma’s husband is after her. He rushes to find the woman he’s loved since he was a teen.

Triple Jeopardy, a story of a woman learning to trust again after her husband’s betrayal and becomes a victim to a serial killer, is under revision.

And third, I’m writing the second book in the Band of Friends series, the sequel to Kidnapped Hearts, Deceptive Hearts. Paul’s story comes to life as he finds the woman he’s loved for years and the Band of Friends chaos continues

How did you come up with the series title?
One of my best friends suggested BOS, Band of Sisters, for the group that I get together with at least once a month. We had already started calling ourselves the WWC. BOS never took off, but I loved the name. I changed the last name, made it Band of Friends, and used it for the title series.

How did you come up with the title, Kidnapped Hearts?
Kidnapped Hearts has a lot of action in it. Kidnapped made sense. The novel is a love story, so hearts seemed appropriate.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Tortilla chips with cheese melted on top. I can’t seem to get enough. I have times when I need to refrain from buying it :-)

Describe your perfect evening.
Hanging out with my husband. I love sitting with him on our screened-in porch, having drinks and talking.

Do you have any pets?
Yes. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a pet, especially kids. We decided that each of our girls could have one pet. Each of them chose cats. When my middle daughter’s cat disappeared, she asked for a toy poodle. She had Toby for three years when her cat returned. It’s so strange. We have no idea where he’d been, but he behaves as if he’s never left us.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
On my wedding day, my husband’s aunt said, “Never go to bed mad.” We don’t. I’ve been with my husband over thirty years and he’s still my hero. :-)

Is there a setting you’d like to have your story take place?
Yes, Tuscany. It’s beautiful countryside. I found pictures on Pinterest recently and fell in love with the landscape. One day, I’ll take a trip there.

I had so much fun stopping in. Thank you, Gabrielle for having me.
Thank YOU, Cait!  We loved having you here.

And now, Darlings, pour yourself something cool to drink and enjoy a sample of “Kidnapped Hearts”



Jake’s boat aimed straight for the other.

“Don’t, Jake!” she cried. “Don’t!” Tears flooded her cheeks as she watched in horror. FBI or not, this was the stupidest move she’d ever seen. She could barely see Jake driving the boat away from her, and Steve was one of the three men who had fists swinging.

One thing was for sure, Jake was going to crash into the other boat. How could he? Her best friend and her lover gone in one second.

“No!” She started swimming toward them.

Boom. Baroom. Boom.

She stopped and stared. Her mouth opened, and her heart sank as fire exploded over the water. The boats had collided, splintering into pieces. Did Jake jump? Did Steve? They didn’t have life jackets.

Fear shot from her chest to her toes. “No!” She fought hard to swim toward the wreckage. Debris fell from the sky, and she pushed her arms harder. She had to get them. They didn’t have life jackets.

Her strokes fell harder, barely moving her. The life jacket was holding her back, but she wouldn’t dare shed it. She paused for a breath and rested back in the life jacket to let her muscles relax. “Jake! Steve!”

Flying objects were everywhere, but no heads. Pain pierced the side of her head and shoulder. She dabbed her hand across her head and brought her fingers to her line of vision.
Blood. Crud!

A jagged piece of board floated past. There was the culprit. The movie Jaws popped into her mind, and she glimpsed over each shoulder. She had to get out of the water. Another rush of helplessness and agony swept through her. “Jake!”

The water was so rough that she couldn’t see over the waves. So much junk floated on the surface of the water. She pushed some away and swam onward. She didn’t feel right. She wiped her face and swam harder.

Oh, God, where are they? “Jake! Steve!” Her eyes flashed toward the wreckage. She had to get to them.

Another stroke. Her arms felt so tired all of a sudden. Every muscle ached. She swam another foot. Her head throbbed. “Ow.” She stopped and touched her head. It burned from the salt water splashing it.

Her vision blurred. The shoreline in front of her appeared to be a mile away. Over her shoulder, the island seemed closer, but Jake and Steve needed her, and they were in the other direction. She considered her options.

Pain slammed her eyes shut. Lord, it hurt. If I lay down on this soft bed, I’d be okay. She stretched out on her back. The waterbed was soothing. When did Jake get this? This was the first time she had been to his house; maybe he’d had it. Her body moved up and down with the waves. This felt good. I’ll just turn over and bury my face in his pillow. The pillow was so fluffy that it smothered her.

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A Special Gift from Cait 
Recently, I posted an online short story, Paradise, on my website. Click here to read Paradise.