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Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting Personal With Author Mel Teshco

This week we’re Getting Personal with Author Mel Teshco. Mel stopped by to talk about the writing life and share an excerpt from her hot, fantasy romance Abducting the Princess – book two in the Nightmix series.

About Mel Teshco
Mel Teshco's gypsy-like upbringing saw her living in many places along Australia's east coast. Each new home stimulated an already over-active imagination, where she spent as much time dreaming about fantasy worlds as the real world - the fantasy sometimes being much better.
Now living in (claustrophobic) suburbia while building on a rural property to keep her two horses, four cats and one hyperactive Belgian shepherd happy, she is (mostly) happily married with an ever hopeful husband (he'd love to retire), three children of wide-spread ages and two grandchildren.

She is a multi-published author with a love for the written word along with a short attention span that sees her juggling a variety of genres and heat levels in her stories. From contemporary to paranormal, inspirational to erotic, she hopes there's a little of something for every reader out there to enjoy. With too many stories in her head to keep up with, there will be many more books to come.
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And now, let’s get personal with author Mel Tescho!

What’s your ‘guilty pleasure’?
Aside from Big Brother, I just love reality TV. My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef, The Block, Survivor, Bachelor – LOVE them!

Describe your perfect evening.
Watching an action flick, eating pizza and guzzling a bourbon or two.

What’s the best part of being a writer?
Creating whole worlds and characters on the screen/page and putting them into someone else’s imagination. That’s gold. And then there’s the freedom of it all. I get to write wherever my muse takes me – sci fi, paranormal, contemporary – even inspirational. It’s a very cool occupation!

What’s the most challenging part of being a writer?
Sometimes it’s making yourself ignore the housework for at least a couple of hours and just sitting in your chair and making the words come to life. Also, it takes time to build a following and a backlist. So it’s a challenge sometimes to try and live on a writing income.

What’s the most challenging part of writing erotic romance?
The sex scenes! Writing them day in and day out and making sure each character is out of their head with yearning and need – and that the scene is believable, is probably the most challenging part of the whole process. Also just being an ‘erotic romance writer’ raises eyebrows sometimes. I just give my “I don’t give a damn what you think" look and continue discussing the weather BWG.

What is your writing process?
Literally my whole day revolves around my ability to write. Housework and shopping etc. is done when I need a break. Writing is my business and my income. Having said that, I do find some hours pass in a blur checking FB, blogs and other social media I really don’t need to check!

What are you working on now?
I tend to write three or four books in a go – with about that many others sitting and waiting for me to start on them again. At the moment I’m finishing off a single title called Dimensional, it’s an 80k contemporary single title with romantic and fantasy elements. I’m also working on a futuristic erotic sci fi continuity with two Aussie writer friends where the Earth is dying and three space transporters are heading to a new habitable planet. And lastly, when I find the time, I’m working on an erotic fantasy/contemporary novella. Aside from that, I have two books waiting for edits at Ellora’s Cave.

What is your upcoming release and what is it about?
Seducing the Huntress is my next book through Ellora’s Cave, it’s the last book in a 3 book series set in a dystopian world. As a child my heroine saw her twin brother murdered by a nightmix (shape-shifter panther with murderous compulsions) and she’s vowed that when she grows up she’ll hunt down every nightmix in her kingdom. Trouble is the nightmix she hunts is also a prince and he has no qualms about taking her to his cabin and having his (wicked) way with her LOL.

Tell us about your latest release.
Sure! Abducting the Princess is book 2 in the Nightmix series. I’ll let the blurb and excerpt do the talking!
Thanks for stopping by, Mel!

And now, Darlings, pour yourself something cool to drink and enjoy a taste of Abducting the Princess

About Abducting the Princess
Princess Mira is everything Mahaya wants in a woman and a shape shifter, but he’s a nobody brought up by mortals who trained him as a thief. Even worse, he’s a nightmix, a human and larakyte panther offspring whose inner darkness keeps those around him in fear.

So what’s a nightmix to do but abduct the princess and save her from those who would do anything to kill her? Their lust burns bright, but Mira can’t trust her captor. Only time will tell if Mahaya can seize her heart forever.


An inborn sixth sense alerted him of trouble even before the glint of a sword snared his attention. A blade barely sheathed on a man’s hip. His stare swiveled to the rest of the staggered line of humans progressing through the crowd with deadly intent.


Though none wore their customary red-turbaned headgear, he recognized them for what they were. Larakyte dissenters.

No time to consider, to weigh the pros and cons, he acted on impulse alone. Bringing the strength and speed of his inner cat to the fore, he crouched low and pushed to the front of the crowd. Pulling free his own blade from its scabbard, he leaped onto the dais before the royal soldiers had even drawn their swords.

Wrapping an arm around the princess’s waist and touching the blade to her throat, he asked the soldiers harshly, “You’d risk your princess’s life?”

The royal guards stilled, muscles bulging with their repressed need to fight and slay. He smiled grimly. He was safe…for now.

He turned to the people. A hush had fallen upon the crowd, expectant faces looking up with horror and betraying excitement. His inner beast snarled. Humans, at their core, were as bloodthirsty as any nightmix.

The dissenters had already melted back into the crowd even as his own men stood slack mouthed. This had not been part of their plans—his plans—at least not yet. He only hoped his men would realize that what had just transpired hadn’t been premeditated. He’d need their trust and belief in him more than ever now.

The princess’ scent drifted into his nostrils, a bouquet of inner panther and something elusive, exotic. Erotic.

His cock jerked.

She gasped, stiffening in his hold.

He repressed another deep growl. Gods, her near-naked body pressed against his crotch and chest was its own form of torture. Blood rushed to his cock, filling his balls and thickening his shaft with an almost painful intensity. He leaned forward. His cock pressed into the small of her back while his breath fanned her ear. “Tell your soldiers to back away, Mira.”

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  1. Hi Mel, I have to agree turning a blind eye on the house work is hard some days. And totally agree that pizza in front of the T.V. is indeed a guilty pleasure.

    Abducting the Princess sounds uber hot. Must add it to my list.


  2. Efthalia we might have to make a pizza and movie date! =)

    And hope you enjoy the read!