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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Her Alphas" is an INSTANT BESTSELLER! Enjoy this excerpt ♥


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Book 2 in the Wolf’s Mark series.
In the shadow world, human laws don’t apply. Here, animal lust and instinct rule. Gwen Chaney has been thrust into this alternate reality by virtue of her lineage. With one foot in the normal world and the other in the supernatural, she must find herself, discover her destiny and submit to her true nature. She is at once savior, sinner, predator and prey. The ferocious love of a werewolf alpha and a cat-shifter king will be either her salvation or her demise.

Enjoy this taste from "Her Alphas"

Copyright © GABRIELLE HOLLY, 2015
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Jenny tilted her face to the full moon and breathed in the cool forest air. Her nose twitched as she detected pine needles, rotting leaves and the musk of living creatures. Each scent brought with it an image, creating a flickering mental slideshow.

In the months since her change, Jenny’s senses had grown almost unbearably acute. It was as if she were experiencing the world for the first time and her mind raced to take it all in.

She could get lost in the complex flavors of fresh fruit—or raw meat—and the glitter of sunlight on the lake took her breath away. This new reality was a better high than she could get from any drug—and she’d tried them all.

A light breeze swirled through the clearing, and when her long blonde hair brushed over her bare skin, she shivered. Every nerve ending seemed to bloom at the slightest touch and she’d begun chasing the feast of new sensations.

Sex used to be the currency she’d traded to survive, but now it fed her ever-growing power. Right up until the night she’d been bitten, Jenny had used her tight little body to get what she needed—food, drugs, a place to crash. She’d coasted from one meaningless business transaction to the next—fucking rich old men in limousines and B-list rock stars on tour busses.

Jenny had never told her new lover about the things she’d had to do to. That woman was dead. She’d been reborn into a new world where her past meant nothing and she could create the future she knew she deserved.

The moment she’d laid eyes on Sergei Markov on her first night in Talbot, she’d known he was her ticket out of life as a drifter. She hadn’t counted on him being able to transport her mind and body with his big cock and the magic of the moon.

She didn’t know if he loved her—and that didn’t matter—she was pretty sure she didn’t love him. One thing was clear—he wanted her desperately—and that was something she could work with.

Just walking naked with him to the clearing— their clearing—was enough to drive her mad. The anticipation of the mystical energy they were about to share made her pussy throb. She knew that when they were done, her body would be wrecked, but she would have stolen some of his strength for her own.

Even as Jenny wondered at the limits of her potential power, she felt her body ripple and contort as the shift overcame her. The howl burst from her chest as she smelled his musk and felt his hot erection press into the small of her back.

So small. So wild.

Sergei stood back on the path, watching Jenny lift her face to the blazing moon. She seemed to be pulling at its energy. The rays turned her silky hair nearly white and he followed the curve of her back past the narrow waist to her tight, round ass.

He tried to probe her mind but was met with static—like a radio that had been tuned between stations. Early on, he’d wondered if she’d been shielding her thoughts, but knew that was impossible for one so freshly-turned.

It took years of experience to put up such psychic walls, especially against one as skilled as he was. He had been pack alpha not so long ago. Reading the minds of his lessers and making them cower beneath his crushing strength had been a benefit of his position. But this one… this one was different.

From the moment she’d stumbled into Talbot—like so many did—freshly bitten and full of anxiety, he’d wanted her. Perhaps it was simply that he’d been alone for so long. Or maybe he was seeking a fresh start.

Jenny was so willing—that was part of her attraction. He’d made a vow that he would never take a female by force.

Once, in a moment of weakness, he’d almost done the unthinkable. He had been frantically clutching to his place as alpha and driven by moon lust when he’d tried to claim the human consort, Gwen Chaney, as his own.

An inexplicable fear had overwhelmed him that night and Sergei had felt an instinctive need to crush the threat he perceived in Gwen. He would never understand what had happened to him—what had fueled his rage—but he would die before he let it happen again. Though he’d been pardoned for that transgression, the shame of it haunted him.

Sergei shook away the memory and focused again on Jenny’s lithe body. It seemed to vibrate with her volatile energy. She was willful, untamed and unpredictable—fueling his frustration and his desire.

His attention was drawn to her beautiful backside. Saliva flooded his mouth as her willowy limbs stretched and the muscles became hyper-defined. Her delicate fingers morphed into claws and fine golden fur erupted through her creamy skin.

Jenny widened her stance, trembling as her feet elongated, the heels sliding up the back of her legs until she balanced on wolfen paws. The marriage of woman and beast was exquisite.

When Jenny threw back her head and howled, Sergei’s own transformation was instant and her human shortcomings were extinguished by his desire. In two long strides the man-beast was pressed against her back, his own moon cry mingling with hers...

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